Selected Papers in Network and System Administration

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Yesterday morning I found Selected Papers in Network and System Administration, you can also Look Inside the book in Amazon. I found some interesting titles from the Table of Contents and a user comment that some papers is available online, so google the titles and found most of them. I put links of the papers below. Some papers is not available online (or at least I haven’t found them yet :D). Hopefully this will be useful for fellow systems and network administrator.

  1. A Case Study of Network Management (M.K. Fenton).
  2. Balancing Security and Convenience (V. Jones and D. Schrodel).
  3. Creating an Environment for Novice Users (J.M. Smith).
  4. Priv: An Exercise in Adminstrative Expansion (E. Heilman).
  5. Experiences with Viruses on UNIX Systems (pdf) (T. Duff).
  6. Site: A Language and System for Configuring Many Computers as One Computing Site (pdf) (B. Hagemark and K. Zadeck).
  7. Tools for System Administration in a Heterogeneous Environment (R. Finkel and B. Sturgill).
  8. Disk Space Management Without Quotas (E.D. Zwicky).
  9. spy: A Unix File System Security Monitor (pdf) (B. Spence).
  10. Uniqname Overview (ps) (W. Doster, et al.).
  11. The Depot: A Framework for Sharing Software Installation Across Organizational and UNIX Platform Boundaries (ps) (K. Mannheimer, et al.).
  12. Using expect to Automate System Administration Tasks (pdf) (D. Libes).
  13. Policy as a System Administration Tool (pdf, html) (E. D. Zwicky, et al.).
  14. Managing Program Binaries in a Heterogeneous UNIX Network (pdf) (P. Anderson).
  15. We Have Met the Enemy, an informal Survey of Policy Practices in the Internetworked Community (B. Howell and B. Satdeva).
  16. Torture-testing backup and Archive Programs: Things You Ought to Know but Probably Would Rather Not (ps, html) (E. D. Zwicky).
  17. Is Centralized System Adminstration the Answer? (ps) (P. Schafer).
  18. Customer Satisfaction Metrics and Measurement (C. Kubicki).
  19. Majordomo: How I Manage 17 Mailing Lists Without Answering “request” Mail (pdf) (D.B. Chapman).
  20. Automated System Monitoring and Notification with Swatch (pdf, ps) (S.E. Hansen and E.T. Atkins).
  21. Computer System Performance Problem Detection using Time Series Models (txt) (P. Hoogenboom and J. Lepreau).
  22. Horses and Barn Doors: Evolution of Corporate Guidelines for Internet Usage (pdf, ps) (S. Hambridge and J.C. Sedayao).
  23. Towards a POSIX Standard for Software Administration (pdf, ps, txt) (B. Archer).
  24. Open Systems Formal Evaluation Process (pdf, ps) (B.W. Keves).
  25. Customization in a UNIX Computing Environment (pdf) (C.E. Wills, et al.).
  26. The Amanda Network Backup Manager (pdf, ps) (J. da Silva and O. Gudmundsson).
  27. The System Administration Maturity Model – SAMM (pdf, ps ) (C. Kubicki).
  28. Towards a High-Level Machine Confugration System (pdf, ps, txt) (P. Anderson).
  29. Monitoring Usage of Workstations with a Relational Database (ps) (J. Finke).
  30. A Site Configuration Engine (pdf) (M. Burgess).
  31. Availability and Latency of World Wide Web Information Servers (pdf) (C.L. Viles and J.C. French).
  32. Metrics for Management (ps) (C. Hogan).
  33. Decentralising Distributed Systems Administration (pdf) (C. Hogan, et al.).
  34. SLINK: Simple, Effective Filesystem Maintenance Abstractions for Community-Based Administration (ps) (A.L. Couch).
  35. An Analysis of UNIX System Configucustcration (pdf, html) (R. Evard).
  36. Wide Area network Ecology (pdf) (J.T. Meek, et al.).
  37. Boostrapping an Infrastructure (pdf) (S. Traugott and J. Huddleston).
  38. Computer Immunology (pdf) (M. Burgess).
  39. A Visual Approach for Monitoring Logs (pdf) (L. Girardin and D. Brodbeck).
  40. Accountworks: Users Create Accounts on SQL, Notes, NT and UNIX (pdf, html) (B. Arnold).
  41. Deconstructing User Requests and the Nine Step Model (pdf) (T.A. Limoncelli).
  42. A Retrospective on twelve years of LISA Proceedings (pdf) (E. Anderson and D. Patterson).
  43. It’s Elementary, Dear Watson: Applying Logic Programming to Convergent System Management Processes (pdf) (A.L. Couch and M. Gilfix).
  44. Theoretical System Administration (pdf, html) (M. Burgess).
  45. An Expectant Chat About Script Maturity (pdf, html) (A.L. Couch).
  46. Peep (The Network Auralizer): Monitoring Your Network With Sound (pdf, html)(M. Gilfix and A. Couch).
  47. Tracing Anonymous Packets to Their Approximate Source (pdf, ps, html) (H. Burch and B. Cheswick).