Intel Developer Forum 2013 Presentation Slides

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Intel Developer Forum 2013Intel Developer Forum 2013 was held on September 10-12, 2013. There are 21 tracks available.

Intel Developer Forum 2013 tracks :

  1. Academia: Industry and University Collaborations (ACA)
  2. All-in-One PCs (AIO)
  3. Exploring the Technical Details of Intel® Next Generation Microarchitectures (ARC)
  4. 2014 Business Client Solutions (BCS)
  5. Public Cloud Infrastructure Innovation (CLD)
  6. Communications Infrastructure (COM)
  7. Enterprise Data Center Transformation (EDC)
  8. Imagining and Inventing New PC Usages and Capabilities (EXP)
  9. Intel Labs: Innovating for the Future (FUT)
  10. Gold Sponsor Sessions (GSP)
  11. Graphics and Visual Computing (GVC)
  12. High Speed I/O Technologies (HST)
  13. Intel® Perceptual Computing (PER)
  14. The Security Journey: Ensuring Platform Security through Intel® Architecture (SEC)
  15. Intel® Software and Services: Providing a Competitive Advantage Through Software (SFT)
  16. Special Sessions (SPC)
  17. Intel® Solid-State Drive Technology (SSD)
  18. System Technologies and Tools: UEFI, System Design and Simulation (STT)
  19. Intel® Atom™ Processor Based Tablets (TAB)
  20. Technical Computing (TEC)
  21. Ultrabook™ and 2-in-1 Devices (ULB)

You can download the PDF and use sodapdf to edit the document easily, and you can also get the Webcast and audio session from IDF 2013 Technical Session Catalog.

You can also download slides from Intel Developer Forum 2012.