Dynamic Variable Name In Smarty 2

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So I spent the last few days figuring out how to create dynamic variables or variables variable in Smarty 2. If you only have one value the variable name will be


But I need it to be dynamic like :


We name the counter variable as $count. In Smarty 3 you can easily use


If we loop with section, the could will look like this :

{section name=count loop=$whatArrayToLoop}

But this thing is not working in Smarty 2. I try to use smarty 3, but when I refresh my browser there are too many errors that I don’t think worth debugging just so I can use dynamic variable. After quite frustrated for a while I found douglas radburn’s blog post that perfectly fit my needs. For above requirement, My code will look like

{section name=count loop=$whatArrayToLoop}
    assign var="firstnames" value="firstname`$smarty.section.count.index`"}

What we do above is we create a temporary variables firstnames, give value to it by adding firstname (as string), and the count index. and then we use firstnames on our dynamic variable. Simple eh? 🙂